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kurashiki têxtil

Experience and credibility in the market for over half a century.

Sectors covered:

Woven Fabric

Markets covered

Men's/Women's/Children's fashion
Household linens


To produce quality textile yarns that meet the needs of our customers through the commitment of our employees, continuous improvement of our processes, and compliance with applicable requirements.

Combed Yarn

TITLE 20/1 TO 40/1

Carded Yarn

TITLE 12/1 TO 30/1

Our commitment is to constantly improve the quality of our products through the dedication and improvement of our processes and serve our customers with satisfaction.
55 (11) 3284-7644

ISO 9001

We have the ISO 9001 certification – A quality management system that guarantees consistency in the quality of the products offered, through the standardization of processes and internal practices.

We continuously value and invest in our employees by offering guidance, specialization and training that can promote a steady improvement in their professional level.